Stefany Harrington


Gifts are to be placed in an unsealed, unmarked envelope and presented upon my arrival.  Checks are not accepted, however, credit cards will be accepted shortly. 


1 hour:  $500
Upward of 3 hours:  Dinner, drink & conversation:  $1,200
Longer:  $3,000
Add $150 if you want me to make hotel accommodations

Traveling Information
Late November:  Southeast Asia (Japan, S. Korea, Singapore, China):  $1,000/hr.
Early January:      Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain)  $1,500/hr.
Does attending that boring business conference by yourself sound dreadful?  Are you taking that exotic vacation solo?  Want to zip off for a weekend of surf-side fun, by the Baccarat tables or in the Big Apple?  Bring some delicious company with you!

For domestic travel, the more advance notice the better, as I will need time to prepare.  I will make my own discreet, private, 1st class travel arrangements.  Travel arrangement fees are NOT included and are in addition to above rates.  Appointments require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Deposits, however, can be applied to future engagements in the event you need to cancel.  Email me with details and for International Travel rates and packages.

Extracurricular/"Off The Clock"
Although I am flattered to be invited to dinners, shows, sporting events and vacations, I cannot accept your invitation without being compensated for my time.  It breaks my heart to decline.

Smitten, are you?  Can't stand the thought of my passing time with another man?  I'm willing to consider exclusivity with the right gentleman.  Please send me a proposal.


​My donations are inclusive and non-negotiable.  Please understand that as an upscale companion, I will not negotiate the packages below.  My commitment to established friends, however, remains unchanged.

To determine which package applies to our date, please locate the city in which we will meet.  Please be prepared financially if you would like to spend additional time with me.