Stefany Harrington


Gentlemen of your character yearn for a time when women treated men with deference.  To find these qualities in a woman today is akin to finding the Rosetta Stone.  Business is demanding enough.  Decisions weigh heavily upon your shoulders.  Life deals you blows.  You long for an affectionate, polished, delightful, and attentive beauty to whom you can unburden your true self.  Smile:  your luck has changed!

As a premiere travel, dining, and personal companion for discerning gentlemen with means, I provide intelligent and sensual company to a small circle of close friends.  What type of gentlemen do I call close friends?  Men who consider themselves titans in their respective industries.  Men who have reached the pinnacle of success.  Men who have the finances to appreciate and reward luxury.  Men who settle for nothing short of excellence.  Men who want to find a lover whose intelligence and libido equals their own lust for life.  Men just like you.........

You may have thought that women like me existed only in dreams.  One who is beautiful on the inside as well as the out.  This vision stand 5' 9" - a tall, dark-blonde beauty with soft, shoulder-length hair, tantalizing smile, and mesmerizing hazel eyes.  Feeling fit and fabulous, 48 has never looked or felt finer.  Properly raised by loving parents on the Main Line in upscale suburban Philadelphia and educated (B.A. English Literature/M.Ed. Adult Education) at prestigious East Coast universities, I count my blessings daily.  More importantly, I've rediscovered that the best things in life aren't things at all:  they're people.  

Many years spent in Corporate America give me a broad perspective on life and a genuine sensitivity for the over-worked and under-appreciated business executive.  Do you feel stuck in a miserable box?  Do you ever ask yourself, "is this all there is?"  Can you even remember what that "first-date" anticipation felt like?  Do you want to feel younger, lighter at heart and full of vitality and vigor?  Let me bring some joy and passion back into your life.  No one deserves it more than you.

I consider time my most valuable asset.  With only a finite amount, isn't is crucial to do what makes one happy?  I'm fortunate to lead a charmed life.  This freedom allows me to be extremely selective in my companionship.  My Donations Page reflects my philosophy.

Please take a moment to get to know me by reviewing all the pages contained in this site.  You have all the information necessary in deciding whether we may be compatible and what steps to take to set up a Reservation.  

Should our paths never cross, do remember:  Tempus Fugit.

However, until we meet in person, close your eyes and revel in my soft, fragrant kisses.....


​Welcome and thank you for taking time to visit.  I'm glad you found me.  Please take a few moments to look through my site.  I hope by doing so, you'll feel like meeting me in person.  This site is here for your enjoyment.

Spending time with another soul enriches both hearts.  Whether dining at Il Buco, cycling the lavender-scented lanes in Provence, or swimming in the warm, cerulean waters of the Seychelles, the world is a treasure-trove filled with undiscovered wonders and riches.  It truly is a beautiful world.